VETERANS VOICES: Learning the story of West Virginia legend Frank Mosley

Veterans Voices
If you have ever visited The Greenbrier Resort, you may have noticed a man standing in the same spot, greeting everyone as they walk through the front doors of the hotel. That man has been an employee for over 60 years, it’s Frank Mosley.
Believe it or not, Mosley has not spent his entire career working at The Greenbrier.  His first career path was as a member of the U.S Army. He spent a few years overseas and fought in the Korean War. 
The memories he made while serving our country will last a life time. However, Mosley said there is one thing he wishes he could change. 
“The only regret I got about the Army, is I didn’t stay 20 or 30 years. I really enjoyed it,” Mosley said. 
Mosley said the military taught him discipline and shaped him into the man he is today. He added the values he learned is something that all generations could benefit from.
“I try to encourage my grandson now to go into the service. I don’t care what branch, Army, Navy, Marine,” Mosley said.
The transition  into work after the Korean War was far from easy. Mosley returned to West Virginia and began work on the railroad. Unfortunately, he could not make a career out of that job, as he was laid off.
So, just like the war taught him, he quickly moved on to look for work elsewhere. Mosley ended up at The Greenbrier Resort. He walked through the doors and applied for a job. To his surprise, the resort had no openings. However, Mosley did not give up. He returned to the hotel for days, hoping a position would open up.
Mosley’s persistence paid off as he was given a temporary job working in housekeeping.
Years passed and so did the jobs Mosley worked at the hotel, but it is all thanks to that temporary job, many lives have been touched with the opportunity to meet Frank Mosley.
Director of Public Relations at The Greenbrier Cam Huffman said  Mosley’s bright, smiling face is iconic for all who come to spend  time at America’s Resort.
“People, once they get out of their car and see the Greenbrier they look for Frank immediately. You see everyone run up and give him a big hug. Generations that have seen him, they remember seeing him as a kid and now their older.,” Huffman said.
Working at the same place for over half a century, Mosley said he has no plans on leaving The Greenbrier anytime soon.
“People ask me when I’m going to retire you know what I tell them? I can’t spell retire,” Mosley said.
So it seems we have many more years to see Mosley standing in the same spot, with the same joy.

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