VINTON, Va. (WFXR) — Vinton fishing tackle company Grumpaw’s Tackle is supporting services for people with autism by raising money and awareness with a special sticker program for Autism Awareness Month in April.

Grumpaw’s will make a special bass sticker available to people who make donations in April to Autism Anglers or to the Blue Ridge Autism & Achievement Center.

An artist’s rendering of the sticker that will be made available through Grumpaw’s Tackle for autism program donations (Photo: George Noleff)

Some of the funds raise go towards programs to get children with autism outside.

“So many of the challenges that kids on the spectrum deal with are sensory,” said Grumpaw’s owner Matt Estes. “We live in a time and an age when screens and loud noises are pervasive and everywhere. A lot of those noise things you can modulate, but when it comes to really kind of disconnecting from our sensory overload culture, there’s really not much better than isolating away from loud noises. So, being able to get out there and being able to experience the calming power of water, get out there and enjoy some sunshine, it really does a lot of kids on the spectrum good.”

A spinner made by Grumpaw’s Tackle in Vinton (Photo: George Noleff)

Grumpaw’s makes a variety of soft plastics and spinners, as well as other fishing products. A number of local businesses are helping in the autism awareness effort including Trustpoint Insurance.