RICHMOND, VA (WVNS) — Recently, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) spoke about his Roadmap to Recovery plan, which touched upon a variety of topics, such as reducing gun violence and making communities safer now that the pandemic has dissipated.

This plan would help with America’s gun reform progress made since the pandemic. Senator Kaine is trying to implement these measures such as, according to, “expanding background checks, establishing extreme risk protection orders, and preventing minors from accessing firearms, to strengthen federal gun safety laws and make our communities safer.”

“The pandemic put so much stress on people’s lives and when you put people who are already under stress, under more stress, bad things happen,” said Senator Kaine. “I think the last three years, by taking people already under stress and putting them under more stress is creating a huge number of challenges, so there’s numerous solutions, there’s got to be more mental health access, there’s got to be better and better laws about guns.”

Senator Kaine hopes that this plan will go forth and strengthen community crime prevention efforts.