RICHMOND, VA (WVNS) – The Virginia Department of Energy’s (Virginia Energy) Director John Warren announced he will be retiring after many years in the role.

Warren returned to the agency in 2015 upon appointment into the top role. He had previously served Virginia Energy as Director of the State Energy Office 2000-2007.

An alumnus of Virginia Tech, Warren served three governors during his over seven years as Director. He oversaw the development of three Virginia Energy Plans. In 2020 he navigated the entire agency through COVID, approving and executing plans that kept employees safe while never dropping the level of service it was able to provide.

John Warren also conducted a complete reorganization and rebranding of what used to be the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy to the Virginia Department of Energy in 2021. During that reorganization, he saw the opportunities for a renewed and increased focus on economic development in southwest Virginia. Not long after, Virginia celebrated $1 billion in energy efficiency savings through the Energy Savings Performance Contracting program under his leadership. It was only the second state to reach that achievement.

“During his time at Virginia Energy, John has been open to innovation, change and has proven adaptable to whatever came his way, including a pandemic. He worked hard to remind each employee of the important role this agency plays in the big picture of government and will leave a lasting legacy at Virginia Energy. We are grateful for his leadership.”

Tarah Kesterson, Manager of Communications and Public Relations