BLUEFIELD (WVNS) – Thousands of Virginia citizens travel to polling locations to vote for who they think should be in office.

Election Day is a time when citizens can vote for who they think is worthy to be in office.

Participating in elections is exercising your right to choose whoever you think is qualified to be in a position of leadership.

Many citizens vote in the hope that issues in their community will be fixed

Bill Vance, a local Virginia voter, said drug use is what he hopes to be addressed by elected officials. 

“The drugs are always a problem, seems like, and of course my wife, she works there and has been working as a clerk for 18 years and she sees that problem. A lot of paperwork piles up because of the drug problems that we have. The meth, the heroin, and so forth. A lot of times paperwork builds up and continues to build up. I would like to see that somewhat alleviated” said Vance to 59News.

When voting, people look for certain characteristics they can either relate to or want to be utilized in office.

Vance also said prior experience is the most important characteristic.

“I look for someone who has actual experience in the job. I think a lot of people do. I think they want to be assured that that experience is gonna continue on and it will allow the person with experience to therefore train and give their knowledge to others and bring them on up the ladder so to speak” said Vance.

Election Day is an important event for every community. People have the opportunity to vote for who they think will make a difference in their community. No matter who you vote for, your vote counts in the end.