GLEN DANIEL, WV (WVNS) — The water crisis in Raleigh County has moved into the world of sports.

After several days without running water, Liberty High School finally got it back Monday afternoon, January 2.

While the school might have water, many students and their families are not as fortunate.

In particular, some students who are part of the school’s athletic programs don’t have water.

Chad Williams is the head coach of Liberty’s boy’s basketball team.

He said some of his players not being able to shower at home after practice is throwing off their routine.

“Makes it hard to coach just because we’re all creatures of habit and when your routine gets broke like that and you’ve got worries outside of basketball, it definitely affects them,” said Williams.

Once a player’s routine is thrown off, they can start to lose focus.

“I don’t think it affects the, how they do, it’s more the mental side of it,” said Williams. “When you’re trying to do drills and you’re trying to focus and they got other things on their mind like the water situation, so it definitely is a stress on the coaching staff to try to keep them focused and get their minds off the water situation.”

For the players, some have had to take unusual measures to make sure they are able to get a shower away from the school.

“Yeah, a lot of teammates, they have like good functioning wells so I’ll just go to their house, take a shower and stuff like that,” said Rasean Sims, a player for Liberty. “Go to practice or even after practice, go back down to their place, take a shower. It’s kind of weird, just going to another person’s house and using their shower. That’s just how I feel, but it’s been going on for a week.”

At the moment, there is no update on when water service will return to the rest of the Glen Daniel area.