Beckley, WV (WVNS) – Senior citizens across Raleigh County continue to be hit with water issues.

Part of the reason seniors are more negatively affected is because some of them are unable to travel to get their own resources. For people like Lisa Payne, getting drinking water has been difficult.

“When you live alone, it’s kinda hard to get things done. My son lives in Charlotte so I rely on my neighbors,” Payne said.

Many community groups have stepped up to help, including Beckley Commission on Aging. Transportation Coordinator Daniel Simmons immediately started making some phone calls to get seniors some assistance.

After unsuccessfully calling both the Beckley Fire Department and Beckley Water, Simmons finally got some help from the Police Department.

“They told us that if we could have a truck out at their supply area that they would be willing to give us water to take to the seniors so I had two trucks show up the next day and we got 24 cases of water to take out to the seniors so we took it out,” Simmons said.

Since then, Simmons continued to make round trips to assist elderly citizens across the county. While he is only able to assist senior citizens who are part of the Commission’s program, he knows other groups have helped.

“It helps a lot because there’s not a central federal group that’s gonna come down to fix this or a central West Virginia government group that’s gonna come down to fix this, this is a local community taking care of itself,” Simmons added.

The local community has indeed stepped up and it can be felt by the local citizens, including Lisa Payne.

Payne said she hopes the issue is resolved shortly, but knowing that people are willing to help makes the situation better.

“If you need gas, or you need a ride, or you need groceries, or you need water, all you got to do is call,” Payne told us.