FAIRLEA, WV (WVNS) — It is that time of year again, that part of summer where we have fun and make memories.

If you were thinking of the State Fair of West Virginia, then you thought right!

Take a look at 10 fun-filled things to do at the beautiful State Fair of West Virginia.

Fair Food

Ah, yes, this is definitely a main staple if you come visit. The state fair is considered the “West Virginia Fried Food Capital” and you can have any food imaginable battered and deep fried. Who does not love that? A little history about the vendors that have been there since the 1950s include Ben Ellen donuts, with their famous cinnamon-sugar cider donuts to Trudy’s Dairy World ice cream, which is homemade and a must try!

Carnival Rides

You can never miss out on the rides! With tons to do, the state fair offers rides for all family members alike! There are kiddie rides for the little ones, while the teens can enjoy such rides as the Tornado, Zipper and Ring of Fire. Definitely a must do!


If you are looking to rock out and dance, the concerts never fail at the State Fair of West Virginia. Iconic artists to have graced the stage include, Johnny Cash, John Denver and Dolly Parton! Today, you can enjoy other iconic artists live every night and get your groove on!

Free Fun and Entertainment

The wonderful thing about the state fair is that it offers free entertainment to the public. With paid admission, enjoy free shows throughout the day, while staying cool in the shade under the Center Stage.

Livestock Shows

If you love farm animals, then you will not want to miss this fun! Each day of the fair, you can see and sometimes pet pigs, sheep, cattle, horses and rabbits! Also, you will get to watch the competition as each animal will compete to win the blue ribbon in different categories!

Dairy Birthing Center

This is a sight that is hard to miss! Every year, 20 pregnant cows are brought to the state fair and your chances of witnessing of a live birth are great! The PA announcer will be updating visitors and guests throughout the day for this live event. The exciting part is that crowd goers have the opportunity for pictures and petting!

New Fair Food Contest

This year will be the fourth Annual New Fair Food Contest. This is where vendors compete for the title of “Best New Fair Food.” Food goers can try them all and either vote in office or online.

Heritage Corner

At the Farm to Food Pavilion, you can teach your children all about agriculture with unique activities for Preschool to fifth grade. Also, for the little ones, let them have fun while they get lost and giggle in the corn maze!

Horse Fun

This is a one of a kind event you do not want to miss! Where else can you see teams of horses pull a a minimum of 3,000 pounds? Only at the State Fair of West Virginia.

Make Memories

Of course, this is vital to the State Fair of West Virginia. This is the time to put down your phone and cherish time with your family. The memories made are priceless and have put smiles on crowd goers faces for years.