ATHENS, WV (WVNS) – October 6th is West Virginia Heritage Day in the Mountain State.

One local elementary school is gaining hands-on experiences to learn about what shaped West Virginia.

West Virginians celebrate their Heritage Day on October 3rd. West Virginia Heritage Day is a day dedicated to appreciating everything that Appalachian culture has to offer.

Students at Athens Elementary in Mercer County had the chance to learn firsthand what being a West Virginian means.

West Virginia University Extension Mercer County 4-H representatives brought along special guests to showcase Appalachian culture. Sarah Brown, a 4-H Agent with the WVU Mercer Extension, remembers her own experience with the 4h activity. Brown added the importance of passing down Appalachian info from generation to generation.

“I think it’s important for kids to learn about our history and why we do certain things in our culture,” said Brown.

Students at the school were led from activity to activity. This strategy was to ensure everyone had an opportunity to create an ornament or churn butter.

Two students who have completed this program before, gave 59News an inside look on their favorite activities.

“Well, I love the music station and I also love the games,” said 5th grader Olivia Brown. 

“When we churn the butter,” said Ryan Hibbs, a 5th grade student.

All 4-H members volunteer their time for this demonstration. Thanks to the volunteers, students like Brown and Hibbs will have memories that last a lifetime.