MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – The Morgantown community is mourning the loss of an apartment building following a fire on Sunday afternoon.

The fire happened around 1:30 p.m. at the Bon Vista Apartment Building A. While no one was injured, one dog did not make it out of the fire.

Some community members have decided to help those who have been affected. Michaela Everette, who lives in the Bon Vista Apartments but in a different building, felt especially compelled to find a way to help her neighbors.

“I came from a very small town. Growing up in West Virginia, one of the things that I was taught when I was growing up was to basically give the shirt off of my back to anybody, no matter if that’s a stranger or somebody I know, very close to me, that I need to be as helpful as I can, so that’s something that I’ve always carried with me throughout growing up and being here in Morgantown,” Michaela Everette said.

Everette said she also had some family friends who were affected by the fire.

“It was her, her husband, and her daughter,” Everette said. “They were just waiting for the okay from the fire marshal to be able to go back in and see if there was anything that was salvageable.”

Seeing the damage inspired her to start a GoFundMe to raise money to help the families who were affected.

“So, when I saw it happening yesterday, it just hurt my heart so bad because I cannot imagine in that time frame because you have stuff that you can get back clothes, and get new furniture, but there are certain things you cannot ever get back, and I cannot imagine losing those,” Everette said.

Everette also said she wants people affected to know there’s help around them.

“I know, sometimes, people feel helpless when things like this happen, and I feel like money is obviously the easiest thing to give because she doesn’t have a place to put the donations,” Everette said. “So, I felt like the GoFundMe would also be very helpful.”

Everette said she’s just hoping to help people when they are down on their luck because Sunday was one of her worst nightmares come to life.

“Living in an apartment complex, having a fire has always been one of my biggest fears,” Everette said.

In addition to the GoFundMe Everette has created, there are other ones that are also available.

Everette has compiled a list of clothing sizes for the family she knows. 12 News is also gathering sizes and information to help those who have been affected.

Here is a list of clothing sizes that are needed:

  • Women’s top size XL
  • Women’s bottoms size L or 12/14
  • Women’s underwear size 7
  • Girl’s clothing size 7/8
  • Girl’s shoe size 1
  • Men’s pants size 38
  • Men’s shirt size XL
  • Men’s shoe size 14
  • Men’s shirt size 4XL/5XL
  • Men’s pants size 54
  • Men’s shoe size 15
  • Women’s clothing size 22/24
  • Women’s shoe size 9
  • Women’s bra size 48DD
  • Women’s underwear size 10
  • Men’s shirt size L
  • Men’s short size 36
  • Men’s pants size 36/34

Any donations can be given to Everett. You can reach out to her on Facebook here, or you can email her at Everett is also trying to coordinate with Bon Vista’s leasing office to accept donations.

This list will be updated as 12 News learns more about what the victims need.