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It’s known as ‘Crossover Day’ and it works like this: if a bill was introduced in the House of Delegates, it must pass that body today or it is dead for the year. The same goes for the State Senate. The biggest decision so far, the controversial ‘campus carry’ bill was moved off the calendar and that means it was technically dead, although there are ways to revive it. The sides are sharply divided.

“This can stop someone. If people know there are guns on campus, they’re not apt to go there to shoot someone. They always go to a ‘gun free’ zone,” said Del. Scott Cadle, (R) Mason.

“Absolutely not. I believe in the second Amendment. I’m a gun owner, but you know what? Guns do not belong on higher education. I’m sorry,” said Del. Danielle Walker, (D) Monongalia.

A bill that would fix West Virginia’s medical cannabis program passed by a wide margin. It would allow companies to grow, distribute and sell medical cannabis, not just chose just one of those functions.

“The size of the market in West Virginia really requires us to be able to let these people that are involved in this business, to be able to able to do more than one thing if we’re going to be able to have this product available,” said Del. Mick Bates, (D) Raleigh.

Miners packed the capitol as a reduction in the coal severance tax was also up for debate, and it was approved by the house.

“We’re here to try to help an industry that has been long with, and supported by, the State of West Virginia. And a lot of good things have come from those severance taxes,” said Del. Vernon Criss, (R) Wood.

The House also voted to revive the Film Industry Tax Credits.

“It promises to be a long day and a long night. It’s “Crossover Day” meaning a bill that originated in the House or Senate must pass that chamber by the end of this day, or it is dead for this year,” said Mark Curtis, 59 News Chief Political Reporter.

As mentioned, there are procedural ways to bring back the campus carry bill, and the House Rules Committee did just that late Wednesday, with votes scheduled for Wednesday night.

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