MARLINTON, WV (WVNS) — Officials for the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital recently announced plans for $6.6 million addition to the hospital that will make a drastic change for urgently needed healthcare services and critical care for the rural region.

Today, Tuesday, July 26, 2022, a wonderfully significant, groundbreaking ceremony will begin at 10 A.M. and all welcomed and encouraged to come by.

“We have all waited a long time for this day. Our staff, this community, and most importantly, our patients deserve high-quality access to modern healthcare.”

Andrew Bair | CEO of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital

This $6.6M expansion project will include a lot of additions, such as a new rural health clinic; modernized and additional clinic examination rooms, rehabilitation addition. Additional expansions will be made to the cardio-pulmonary/respiratory and radiology department, including mammography, nuclear medicine, and stress testing.

Bair also expressed, “These preventative services are crucial in our area. Our hospital provides quality preventative and emergency healthcare that is within an hour’s drive for our county residents.”

Another addition key will be included. PMH offers Level IV trauma care through its emergency department, which is an extremely essential service not only for residents but also for visitors to Snowshoe Resort and other recreational places.

An approval of funds, which was allowed on June 28, 2022, is a project that is funded primarily through a $5.7 million USDA loan approved by the Pocahontas County Commission. In addition, the hospital was given a $1 million gift from generous benefactors, Joe and Peg Greenlee.

“We are grateful for the generous support from the Greenlees and the USDA. Their commitment jump started our campaign and hospital expansion,” said Rebecca Hammer, CFO of PMH, who is grateful for the big-hearted and kind gestures recently given to help with this project.

The Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has served the health and wellness needs of a five-county region since 1906, which includes Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Nicholas, and Randolph counties in West Virginia, as well as Bath County, Virginia.

PMH’s campaign, ‘Building on our Past, Building for the Future’ is still ongoing. All the support given so far will be enough cover expenses for the first phase of the expansion. The total renovation for the project, however, costs $11 million, meaning PMH is still $5 million short of complete funding for the project. These additional renovations will also include enhancements to the hospital’s operating room, ICU, inpatient pharmacy, and emergency room.

If you or anyone is interested in contributing to the campaign, please visit, for more information and details.