A common item found at homes and businesses could pose a threat to your pets health

Fayette County
Pets and antifreeze

You may have some  unexpected items lying around that could pose a threat to your pets health.

It’s an item we typically use to keep our cars running smoothly that could potentially kill our furry friends. Antifreeze is a deadly chemical that is not hard to find near homes and businesses.

Dr. Katie Faulkner at the Fayette Veterinary Hospital said the first symptoms your pet may have come in contact with antifreeze are vomiting, diarrhea, as well as some neurological side effects.She added action should be taken as soon as possible if you feel your pet may be in danger.

“It is a toxic substance that acts really quickly. So literally at the first even thought that your pet may have ingested antifreeze, it’s really important to get them to the vet as soon as possible,” said Faulkner. 

Dr Faulkner said even if your pet is exposed to antifreeze, there is still hope if you act quickly.

“If caught early enough it is treatable. A lot of things that play into that like the size of the email, the amount they ingested, things like that. But yes, it is treatable in most scenarios,” said Faulkner.

Dr. Faulkner explained there is also another common chemical that is easily accessible by pets if you’re not careful.

“Salt on the concrete or asphalt can cause really severe irritation and even cuts and aberrations,” said Faulkner.

Dr. Faulkner said it is important to wipe down your pet’s paws after coming in from the outdoors to avoid potential infection and discomfort from salt for all of our four legged friends.

If you are afraid your pet may have come in contact with poison, you can call the West Virginia Poison Center. They offer emergency poison information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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