FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — BODYWORKS has recently joined with H2 Health to bring a new location to Fayette County.

New River Health has renovated the former Oak Hill Kmart into a medical, dental and behavioral health facility and BODYWORKS will be collaborating with them to offer on-site professional physical therapy services. H2 Health, a physical therapy network that practices nationwide, and BODYWORKS’ recent merger will allow the organization to expand and open more locations to deliver the health, fitness, and rehabilitation model that BODYWORKS developed more than 25 years ago.

“Our merger with H2 Health has given us the resources and expertise to expand our model that have for the last 25 years has successfully integrated physical therapy with health and fitness. This is an investment in the health and future of our region and West Virginia and will be the prototype for future locations and expansion. We will continue to grow and better serve our community.”

Mick Bates, BODYWORKS founder and Physical Therapist and Regional Director of Operations for H2 Health

“At New River Health we welcome BODYWORKS into our new Oak Hill location. Our expansion allows for the type of high-quality ancillary services which BODYWORDS provides.”

CEO John Schultz

The New River Health Oak Hill location is tentatively scheduled to open in Fall ’22.