FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — Today, August 24, 2022, the Fayette County Tax Division reported they are having technical difficulties regarding their credit card services.

The Tax Division stated to not attempt to use your credit card online or in their office today. If customers made an online payment and noticed duplicate payments deducted from their bank, the Tax Division will be refunding those as soon as their system is back online.

The Tax Division has contacted their client, Point and Pay, and received this statement:

“Dear Client, unfortunately, Point & Pay is currently experiencing an issue that is causing end-user errors preventing payments from processing. We are aggressively working to isolate the issue and will provide an update as soon as possible. Please do not encourage your customers to re-attempt their payment at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

Point & Pay Client Services

The Tax Division will be working to transition to another company due to issues with their current provider.

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