One of the biggest changes to Fayette County’s Primary Election was their new electronic voting system. The county spent more than $100,000 to purchase the new voting electronic system called Express Vote.

County Clerk, Kelvin Holliday told 59 News the new system allows voters to feed their own cards into the counting devices, giving them an added level of transparency and making voters feel confident that their vote was casted exactly how they wanted it to be. 

Holliday said not only does it make it a better process for the voters, but for the poll workers as well. “This will make it efficient in counting also. Like I said those first 25 to 30 precincts that come in are going to be read on an electronic device, we will snap that into a computer and instantly it will print out the results from the precinct,” Holliday said.

Twenty-eight out of 39 of their precincts have Express Vote. The other 11 needed to be hand fed for this 2018 election.

Holliday said they needed an extra $50,000 to have all 39 precincts equipped with Express Vote, but added he hopes to have every precinct using the system by this year or next years election.