UPDATED STORY 7/23/2018 @ 8:25 AM 

OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — New details have emerged in the arrest of an Oak Hill city councilman. 

Councilman Mike Fox was arrested on battery charges on Thursday, June 19. Fox is one of three councilmen representing Ward I for Oak Hill.

Court documents state Fox allegedly grabbed a man by his throat and threw him against a table at a business in Oak Hill. The victim said Fox held him against the table and was chocking him. Fox eventually let the man go. He went to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to his neck, arm and lower back. 

Deputies said Fox refused to speak to law enforcement. They conducted several interviews with witnesses who said the victim’s claims were true. 


According to Sheriff Mike Fridley, Oak Hill City councilman Mike Fox was arrested on Thursday, June 19, 2018.

Fox is charged on battery, which is a misdemeanor.  He is one of three councilmen representing Ward I for Oak Hill.

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