Alderson Police Officer Mac Brackenrich, who was shot while off duty in 2017, got the chance to return home Tuesday, January 23, 2018 after months of rehabilitation.

Emotions were high as Brackenrich took to the sky from an Atlanta rehabilitation facility to finally return home to Greenbrier County. 

“It’s emotional, it’s a great feeling. Good to know he’s coming home,” volunteer firefighter, Paco Grimmett, said.

Brackenrich was shot back in October of 2017 while off duty. The bullet ended up paralyzing him. While the situation surrounding the shooting goes through the court, Brackenrich’s family is glad he’s home. 

“I do miss him a lot, the job hasn’t been the same without him,” a patrolman with the Alderson Police Department, Ritoberto Rodriguez, said.

After three months of hard work with physical therapy, Brackenrich is healthy enough to return back home to Greenbrier County.

Family, friends and coworkers were at the Greenbrier Valley Airport to show their support on Tuesday. 

“It’s good, I’ve missed everybody and obviously they’ve missed me,” Brackenrich said.

Brackenrich said most of all, he missed his K-9 partner Kayla. “It feels great, I’ve missed her a whole lot,” Brackenrich added.

He is still on the road to recovery, but said he has a lot to look forward to. “To be back home, being with my baby girl and getting my dog back.”     

Brackenrich had an army of love standing beside him as he made his way back home. Everyone there said they are ready to help him get back on his feet again. 

“We’ll continue to support him and to be there for him. He would be there for us,” Alderson Fire Chief Frankie Jones said.

Brackenrich is now at a family member’s home in Ronceverte as he continues his recovery.