ALDERSON, WV (WVNS) – Reading is fundamental. But for some folks in rural or low income areas, getting access to books can be a real challenge.

One local library director is doing her part to share the joy of a good book with everyone in her community.

The Alderson Public Library celebrated the opening of their second community book box, at Alderson Manor apartments.

The boxes have books for all ages and reading levels that folks can take home for free, available right in their communities. 

The Alderson Public Library received $2500 for the outreach problem through the American Rescue Plan, a fund designed to help non-profit organizations through the economic struggles of the pandemic.

Alderson Public Library director Rose Spencer and her husband Lonnie, restock the boxes every week, and encourage people to leave a note inside if they have requests for specific books or authors.

Spencer says she’s hoping the book boxes will provide fun for all readers, but especially for children.

“If children read, they’re going to go places. And you can always take a book and go places that you’ll never visit,” Spencer told 59News. “My highlight of life is that I may not get to Vermont, but I’ll read a book that’s about Vermont.”

Spencer says that sense of adventure should be available to everyone. Including people who may not have the means to get to a library or bookstore.

“I love it, and so do our residents,” Alderson Manor Apartments Property Manager Rosena Baker said. “Probably over 50 or 60% do not have transportation to get to our library, so this is a true blessing to have the library box filled each and every Monday.”

Baker estimates over half of the residents in Alderson Manor Apartments have already taken something home from the book box.

Spencer says the great response from the public motivates her to apply for more grant money in hopes of building a third book box.

“I’m going to apply for another grant to put another one in the Alderson area,” Spencer told 59News. “The mayor talked to us and he was willing to do that. So that will be my future project to try to get that done.”

The current book boxes are next to the leasing office at Alderson Manor Apartments and at the Country Roads Store in Pence Springs.