Many kids spend their summer break attending camps. The Greenbrier Youth Camp is hosting one of those camps, but for a very specific group of children.

Camp Kno Koma is just like a typical summer camp, with plenty of outdoor activities and camp food. However, Head Counselor, Maddie Harvey, explained this camp targets a specific group of children: those living with and managing diabetes.

“It’s just a place where they can act like a normal kid, know everyone’s the same. They can make friendships and do things they don’t get to do at home sometimes,” Harvey said.

Aside from fun, the camp strives to teach kids ages seven through fifteen how to live with diabetes, and the importance of diet and exercise. Harvey said perhaps one of the most important things they learn, is how to answer the difficult questions they will face regarding why they have diabetes.

“It’s nothing we did to get diabetes, it’s not because we ate to much, it’s not because our parents didn’t take care of us. It just happened, it could happen to anyone, but now that we have it we’re able to learn from it,” Harvey said.

Activities Director, Joe Hagedorn, said Camp Kno Koma gives these kids a week to feel just like anyone else their age.

“Being able to really live a normal life without people questioning it, is really nice for them,” Hagedorn said.

The camp brings in children from states around the region.