RENICK, WV (WVNS) — A family member of Dee Ann Keene speaks out eight years after her disappearance.

Just over a week ago, 59News brought you the story of Dee Ann Keene and the ongoing search by the police to find answers to her disappearance. Now, her cousin Angie Harrah is speaking out.

She said she is frustrated at the lack of answers and wants to finally see Justice for what happened to Dee Ann.

“We want closure, we would like to be able to properly lay her to rest, she needs justice, she needs justice, somebody needs to pay to what happened to her,” Harrah said.

Harrah said she believes there is someone in the community who knows what happened to Dee Ann and wants them to come forward to help bring answers to the family.

You can catch more of her interview and a deeper look into Dee Ann’s disappearance on the next episode of Crime in the Coalfields premiering on all podcast networks on March 15, 2022.