UPDATE 4/9/2019 6:30 a.m.

Three people are connected to a rash of break-ins in the western end of Greenbrier County. Officers said they have connected Holly Riffle, Mathew Riffle and Nathan Kirk to 18 different breaking and entering incidents. 

Officers said more arrests and charges are pending. 

UPDATE 4/3/19 5:00a.m. 

Court documents state Matthew Riffle also allegedly stole from H&R Farm Supply in Crawley. The caller reported boots, a lamp, a small amount of cash from the desk drawer, and a jar of cash from the counter for the Humane Society with nearly $200 in it were stolen.

Riffle is charged with petit larceny and entry of building other than a dwelling. 

UPDATE 4/2/19 6:30 p.m. 

Thirty four-year-old Holly Riffle and her husband, 28-year-old Matthew Riffle, are facing charges from a six week-long spree of break-in’s throughout western Greenbrier County, all thanks to an investigation from four different agencies.

Court documents stated on March 19, 2019, the two broke and entered the Highland First Church of God in Rainelle. Holly Riffle admitted to police she drove her husband, Matthew Riffle, to the sanctuary on Ohio Avenue to break-in. According to Rainelle Police Chief J.P. Stevens, a crime like this is typically not done by an inexperienced culprit.

“Most of our defendants that keeps committing these crimes are repeat offenders,” Stevens said.

Congregation members of Highland First Church of God, Vaughrie Zopp and Martin Rudd, said there is no hate towards the perpetrators.

“Of course nobody likes that to happen,” Zopp said. “But… there wasn’t any animosity felt.”

“We’re praying for them, praying for their soul and praying that God will bring them to the light,” Rudd said. “Because it’s unfortunate when they come into a church, and terror and steal things… that don’t belong to them.”

Matthew Riffle is now charged with burglary and petit larceny, while Holly Riffle is charged with accessory before the fact.

In a press release, Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan also said 23-year-old Nathan Kirk of Rainelle was also arrested in connection to the rash of break-in’s, citing more charges and arrests will be made in this case.

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Two people were arrested and charged in connection to a break-in at a Greenbrier County church.

According to court documents, on Tuesday March 19, 2019, Highland First Church of God was broken into.

Holly Riffle admitted to police she drove her husband, Matthew Riffle, to the church to break-in. Matthew Riffle is charged with burglary and petit larceny. Holly Riffle is charged with accessory before the fact.