The President’s visit to the Republican Congressional Retreat in Greenbrier County was something special for some Lewisburg Hardee’s employees.

It started with a simple hello one morning from Governor Jim Justice, but it turned into something far bigger.

Governor Justice was ordering from Hardee’s in Lewisburg before he was supposed to meet President Donald Trump, who was landing at the Greenbrier Valley Airport. The women working at Hardee’s asked the Governor to send the president a message.

Shirley Mandeville, General Manager at the Lewisburg Hardee’s, said they just sent him a warm welcome. 

“We told (Justice) to tell the president ‘hi’ for us which we didn’t figure anything would come out of it,” Mandeville said.  

But when Governor Justice told the President about the message, Mister Trump decided to send a personal message back to them.

“(Justice) told us, he said I got something for you from the president…it’s on the second page of his speech and I said well that is really nice,”  explained Mandeville. 

Nancy Hodges, also a Hardee’s employee said that was such a surprise to her. 

“I didn’t think we would get a response like this, like what he did,” said Hodges. 

The note Trump left said: “Hardees gals, take care of big Jim, a great guy.” 

Wanda Jennings, a Hardees Employee, said that day is a moment they will never forget.   
It’s one of the highlights of my life, I mean I can’t say anymore about that. 

The Hardee’s women say they will frame the note and hang it on the wall.