ALDERSON, WV (WVNS) – On Sunday morning, Three Rivers Avian Center was delivered a wounded Great Egret that was migrating through West Virginia.

The young Great Egret was found in the front yard of a home near Alderson. The bird was wounded, and unable to fly.

The bird was taken straight to Three Rivers Avian Center. Examinations showed a severe bruise on the inside of his right elbow, but the bones were intact and the wing had full extension and control. The Egret was okay!

According to Three Rivers Avian Center, the Egret was just very sore and hungry. He is currently on medication for pain and swelling with fresh shiners on the menu!

Great Egrets are migrating through West Virginia right now. Below you can see the areas of the United States where their migration takes place.

image of range map for Great Egret
Where Egrets can be found: Purple – Year-round, Pink – Breeding, Yellow – Migration, blue -Nonbreeding

According to, the elegant Great Egret is a sight that can be found in many North American wetlands. Slightly smaller than a Great Blue Heron, these are still large birds with impressive wingspans. They hunt in the same fashion as a heron, standing immobile or wading through wetlands to capture fish with a deadly jab of their yellow bill. Great Egrets were hunted nearly to extinction for their plumes in the late nineteenth century, sparking conservation movements and some of the first laws to protect birds.

You can find more information on the Great Egret like where to find one and their habits here.