Snowshoe, W.V. (WVNS) – Heavy snowfall across the state this weekend was good news for the folks at Snowshoe Resort.

Martin Luther King day weekend is always a busy time in the ski and snowboarding world, and the heavy snow this week made for perfect conditions on the slopes.

Joe Stevens, spokesperson for the West Virginia Ski Areas Association, said the combination of cold weather and heavy snow made for the busiest ski weekend of the season so far.

“The good news is that we got snow. And not only did we get snow, we got lots of it,” Stevens told 59 News. “And with the snow we got, we got cold temperatures. The snow allowed everybody to think about skiing and snowboarding. And the cold temperatures allowed all the resorts to make snow.”

Stevens said another big help was that it didn’t just snow in West Virginia, it snowed all throughout the surrounding region, so folks from Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and more were all drawn to come play in the snow across the West Virginia mountains.