HINTON, WV (WVNS) – It’s another season of vibrant color change with fall foliage passing in southern West Virginia and another year of Hinton Railroad Days has passed in Summers County.

“It was the lifeblood of this whole area, was the railroad,” remarks Marvin Plumley with the C&O Historical Society in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

Local businesses and those interested in keeping the history of this region boarded for the same event that rolls into town every October.

“It’s an immense amount of pride. And plus it’s very calming and saying,” says Clyde Schuyler, owner of CJ’s Woodworks.

He, along with dozens of other vendors were on showcase at the event to let people see their work.

“This is actually my first time here at Railroad Days and it’s been wonderful. It’s fantastic. I’ve had a really good time and I’m starting to really enjoy the culture here in the Hinton area,” comments Schuyler.

“I’m part of the community as well as community outreach, trying to get my message out about the classes and everything. And you know, the food’s pretty good and the community is pretty awesome,” says Matthew Davidson, owner of Davidson Forge. He puts on classes to show folks how the forage process works and sells some of his own products that he makes with his own hands.

“If you’re interested in history, this is where it’s all at. To pass on the historical aspect with the railroad. And my father worked on the railroad, His father worked on the railroad, and two brothers worked on the railroad. And it’s just a way of life us; it’s part of a family, a tradition,” states Plumley.

“When you live in small communities like this, there is not a whole lot of opportunity anymore, and so this is the local businesses and it’s kind of a shoutout, if you will, and a little boost,” comments Davidson.

Marvin hopes that folks that were in Hinton this past weekend took something home with them that they will remember.

“Well, hopefully to get some kind of knowledge of how important it is or was and that they’ll continue to support it and keep it going from year to year. If we don’t tell the story, it won’t be told,” declares Plumley.