How dry weather affects agriculture

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DANIELS, WV (WVNS) — Going days without rain has an impact on flowers and plants. David Richmond, Agricultural Agent at West Virginia University Extension Services, said it is important to use other water resources when plants and vegetables are not getting the proper nutrients.

“On our small scale, vegetables and flower production, supplemental watering. The best time to do any watering is in the morning. That’s when plants utilize it the most,” Richmond said.

On a larger scale, backyards or farms could completely dry out as a result of minimal rain. Richmond said it is important to make sure grass gets water somehow.

“Of course, our lawns are really suffering because of the lack of water and it’s getting to the critical level right now and we hope for rain. The thing about not having rain right now is it can compound a problem as we get later into the fall,” Richmond said.

The dry grass could cause minimal hay production, resulting in a shortage later in the colder months for livestock.

“We will be having to start feeding our winter supply of feed to our livestock earlier and that means next spring, we’re going to start running out of hay,” Richmond said.

Richmond said if hay hits a shortage, other options will need to be considered to make sure livestock are properly fed.

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