LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — Most people love going to the fair! There’s just something fun and magical about it. Whether it be the food, the rides, the games, or the entertainment, it’s sure to make lasting memories.

The State Fair of West Virginia wants to make sure those memories really do last, so you should stop by the merchandise tent on your way out.

Nancy Wood, who works at the Official Souvenir Booth, also known as the Merchandise Booth for the State Fair of West Virginia, has been working there since 2011 and says it’s a tradition for her.

“We have great souvenirs. We have started a Blenko Christmas ornament that started last year. We have one this year that’s very pretty, and a nice collector’s item. We also started last year, a charm bracelet, and each year it’s going to have a different charm. Last year’s charm was the Ferris Wheel, this year’s charm is the pig, so these are things that people can get and add to their collection,” Wood shared proudly.

Wood also added more about what else is special and being sold, “We also have a JAMIT basket, we have a special commemorative basket each year and people will come and buy the basket first thing, and often times, we will sell all those baskets…these baskets come from Monroe County and the basket makers have been making these commemorative baskets for us for last several years.”

Each Year the State Fair of West Virginia also has a contest for their promotional poster, which is also made into a print as well, and the winner this year was Ashley Wheeler who designed this years print which is of a little boy looking down at his pet duck.

So remember to stop by the Official Souvenir Booth and pick up something meaningful on your visit!