CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — If you’re looking for a fun, new snack to munch on, this one may be up your alley!

If you want to excite your taste buds, but also want a healthier alternative to a pork rind, you may want to try a WheatO.

59News was able to get an exclusive interview (and taste!) with the owners of this wonderful snack and learned how it came to be. Connie Faye Martin, the Owner of We B Fryin Snacks LLC in Charleston, partnered with her husband Richard Martin, Co-Owner of We B Fryin Snacks LLC gave us an extensive interview about the origin of WheatOs!

Connie started out by mentioning that she and her husband were inspired when they tried a snack that they really loved, and thought they could make something of their own and make it better.

“Well, we have tried [them] out of state, at a thing we were at, we have tried them and just fell in love with them. We would bring them back home and everybody would try them, and people would say, WOW! These are really good! We would all start trying to make them ourselves and came up with recipes and would give them to our families and friends, and they would say, MAN THESE ARE GOOD, YOU SHOULD SELL THOSE,” said Connie with a big smile.

So the married team decided to go into business and try their hand at food production. Connie talked about how their company started and the laws behind it, stating that their business is a Cottage Food Business and what that means to their consumers.

Connie said, “It’s foods that are made at your home in your at-home kitchen. We are not governed by the Health Department, but we are governed by the Department of Agriculture.” Her husband Richard also added, “it’s a program that the Governor himself had approved to encourage small businesses to start.”

“It’s actually national, but each state has their own laws, and West Virginia has one of the BEST Cottage Food laws,” said Connie. “Anybody who’s trying to start a small business, food-wise, that’s the way to do it because you don’t have as much overhead with everything.”

“The Cottage Food laws were improved in 2019, and we went to the Department of Agriculture to see what would qualify as a Cottage Foods Business [which was fine] because we’re making them at home and not in a commercial kitchen, so then we started to go to fairs and festivals,” which is where 59News first met the couple with their delicious new food at the State Fair of West Virginia this year. They also mentioned that they started their food retail in January 2020.

Back when COVID-19 hit, sending the world into a pandemic and worldwide emergency, they decided to start distributing their WheatOs in stores in Charleston, West Virginia, where they’re from, and decided to wholesale their product. Currently they have WheatOs in 15 retail stores in Charleston.

“We have a good friend that owns Graziano’s Pizza. He wanted us to put them in his restaurant. They started selling real well, so it just kind of rolled from there,” said Richard ecstatically.

Connie and Richard have put their heart and soul into this product, which was only possible with the support of friends, family, and customers.

The couple bought a used cargo van to transport their product to stores. They also have a website, which allows them to ship products in West Virginia, because the downside of Cottage Foods is that they cannot be shipped out of state.

Connie talked about the prepping she and Richard have been doing constantly. “I’ve been working with the West Virginia small business association, I have taken some of their classes, Faster West Virginia I believe is the name of the program. We’re going to meet with [the teacher from the class] from there and get some advice from him, hopefully from the next week or so…We also want to go to Mister Bee Potato Chips Company [in Parkersburg, West Virginia] and tour their facility.

WheatOs continues to gain popularity across the Mountain State.

“The Department of Agriculture has been the driving force behind us. They have helped us so much,” exclaimed Richard.

He also mentioned how the Commissioner of Agriculture was aware of their product and that he liked it so much, so much, Connie explained, that “He took them to some kind of thing [event] in Washington D.C., and they put together a little gift basket that had some West Virginia foods, and they put our WheatOs food in the gift basket.”

“We have been so fortunate,” said Connie, in which Richard added, “We have been so blessed,” when talking about their success and hard work with this original idea.

“We were hoping to hook a fish, but we hooked a whale,” Richard concluded with a smile on his face.

You can check out WheatOs on Connie and Richard’s We B Fryin Snacks Facebook Page, their Instagram Page, We B Fryin Snacks, their website, and you can reach them at, or Connie’s cell phone at 304-444-7796, in which Connie says, “call any time.”