Local 5th Graders 3D Print Leg for Chicken

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Bumble is a month old chicken with seemingly normal behavior. Except there is something a little different about him.

Bumble has a foot hooked upward ,making life difficult for the chick, but that was before imagination had any say in the matter.

“He has been able to thrive thus far so we were wondering how we can help him like become to move around like a normal chicken would,” said Meghan Salter, a teacher at Central City Elementary.

Salter teaches a program for talented and gifted students. She says the 5th graders used their talents to create a gift for their feathered friend.

“They were working hard they came up with all these amazing sketches and we wanted to take what their passion was and make it a reality,” said Salter.

Bumble’s deformity is a result of a slipped tendon. The chick was likely doomed before well-being came in the form of a 3D printed leg.

Bumbles sometimes stumbles with his new limb, but the students are not giving up on coming up with something better.

“I try to encourage him, like sometimes instead of him perching there, he’ll kind of try to use it and kinda try to walk around a little bit, which it makes me proud because this is only his second day with it on,” said Anastacia Cox, a 5th grader at Central City Elementary.

The Robert C Byrd Institute provided the tools for the prosthetic, and the creation is a combination of all the students’ ideas.

Kadance Davidson, a 5th grader at Central City Elementary, said, “This could actually save his life because we didn’t think that he would make it but he’s 4 weeks old now and he’s doing great.”

“It’s showing them kindness, it’s also showing them how they can make a difference in the world,” said Salter

The class is hoping at some point Bumbles will get the strut down like his friend, Namaste.

The students and their teachers credit the custodian at Central City Elementary school with coming up with the 3-D leg idea in the first place.

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