IAEGER, W.Va (WVNS) — Come December 12, 2017, people in Iaeger will get to cast their ballots again for mayor in an election do-over.

During the canvassing period of October’s election, only 6 of nearly 20 provisional ballots were correctly casted.  The remaining tallies were casted into the wrong categories.

Now with a re-do, Iaeger town recorder Audrey Auville and her staff are making sure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed for those who will head to the polls.

“We have specific guidelines we have to follow from the Secretary of State’s office,” Auville said. “We are following those guidelines.”

Iaeger voters can also submit their ballots by mail, before Wednesday.  Canvassing begins the 18th, with the official results being posted on the 20th.