Keystone residents left without water due to broken pipe

McDowell County
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A water pipe located along Route 52 busted in one McDowell County town. People living in Keystone have been without water for more than a week. Keystone resident Jamie Curry said she had to adapt to living without a basic necessity. 

“You can’t go without water that long. You can’t take a shower, you got to heat up water on the stove, carry it in a bucket, take it all upstairs to the shower and then try taking a bath,” Curry said. 

Keystone town officials said they are working with the McDowell County Commission and the public service district to get water turned back on. They are unaware of when exactly that will be. Until then, people are living without an everyday essential. Ed Todd said not having water makes living harder for his wife, who is sick.

“My wife can’t get upstairs to a restroom. We have to keep her clean with just wipes. That’s the hard part of this is taking care of my wife,” Todd said. 

A public service district will take over the town of Keystone in August, which should alleviate some of the water issues in the city. Until then, city officials said the pipes will be repaired as soon as possible for the people. 

“You can’t maintain these old pipes. But a new system is coming, so we just have to wait it out,” Todd said. 

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