NORTH FORK & KEYSTONE, WV (WVNS) – Phase two of the plan to bring drinking water to the towns of North Fork and Keystone is complete.

This next step in the project means the those towns now have water running through new pipes in the area.  The 6.3 million dollar project is bringing water to the communities of Upland, Kyle, and Powhatan as well. 

Northfork Mayor Carol Sizemore says it’s a relief to be able to bring water once again to the citizens of her town.  

“It’s just a relief and gratification that you can pick up the phone and say  I need or can you help and their there.”

Carol Sizemore, Mayor of Northfork

Funding raising on Phase 3 and 4 has already started that will expand the project outside of those communities to others in the area.