BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) – A gun was recovered from Bluefield High School earlier today, April 28, 2022, according to the Mercer County Public Schools Facebook page.

The gun was found in a student’s locker following what is called as a reasonable suspicion search. Local law enforcement was immediately contacted by the school in order to handle the criminal aspects. Bluefield High School administrators also initiated and followed all appropriate procedures at the school level, including a schoolwide lockdown. In their Facebook post, Mercer County Public Schools made their stance on the incident clear.

“Today, we inform parents, staff, and students that we recovered a gun at Bluefield High School. It is important to us that we clearly communicate with you about serious safety issues when they arise. Possessing a weapon at school is clearly a violation of law and we have zero tolerance for this act.”

Mercer County Public Schools

Bluefield High School and Mercer County Schools say they expect to see criminal charges in addition to any school imposed disciplinary measures. The student involved will be subject to school board policy and appropriate laws that govern weapons on school grounds, which is a zero acceptable possession policy.

Today’s incident highlights the importance of school safety. It is imperative that everyone who can ensure school safety does so, including staff and students. Anyone with pertinent or concerning information should always report it immediately to administration or law enforcement.