How to beat the heat with no AC

Mercer County

PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — As temperatures heat up all across the state, many are wondering how to stay cool. But for some people in Mercer County, the option of a cool house is not available.

Many homes in the county do not have central heat or air. During this hot spell, that could lead to some very toasty people. Stacy Hicks, the Director of the Princeton Rescue Squad, said these hot days are especially tough on the elderly, and if you don’t have a place to cool down, he has a few ideas.

“What we’re suggesting is if it gets extremely hot in the home that they go to relatives or friends that does have air conditioning and stay with them until this heat spell is over,” said Hicks.

Other options he said are taking a dip in a pool or any of the bodies of water around the area. Using fans is also another way to keep cool. He said the good thing about West Virginia is the nights are cool, so run a fan throughout the night to keep the house cooler during the day. A trip to the air conditioned mall is another option.

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