Local company designs potentially life-saving technology for drivers

Mercer County

Fatal accidents are not new along West Virginia’s turnpike, and no one is safe from a wreck while driving at night or in bad weather. For these reasons, MVM Green Technologies came up with a design that could transform driving.

MVM Green Technologies assembled a team to design a reflective bolt which screws right into the guard rail. Keith Circle, a shareholder of the company, said this could make people more aware of the road and the metal barrier.

“The reflective guardrail bolts will help to guide you down the road. You can see where the guardrail is and that will keep you in the road. I’m a former truck driver and I’ve driven in some pretty bad weather, so I know how much these guardrail bolts will help,” Circle explained.

One side of the bolt reflects white, signaling drivers they are going the right way. The other side reflects red, letting drivers know they are traveling in the wrong direction. 

The team also designed a new guardrail post made of all recycled material. Circle said this design could replace the current metal posts which are harmful to the environment, and difficult to maintain.

“It would replace the wooden posts that rot that the state would have to replace every now and then. They’ll never have to replace these,” Circle said.

For CEO and Chairman of MVM Green Technologies, Michael Moses, the best part about this new endeavor is the number of jobs it will create in Southern West Viriginia.

“I’m the chairman and CEO, but the really important people are the workers. Give them the respect and a good pay check so they can take it home and provide for their families,” Moses said.

The team is working on showing their ideas to the West Virginia Division of Highways. They debuted the technology to a group of local business leaders and House Delegates at Concord University. 

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