PRINCETON, W.V. (WVNS) – Mercer County Schools has performed their required yearly evaluation of Superintendent Ed Toman.

West Virginia Boards of Education are required by state law to perform annual evaluations of their superintendents. Mercer County Schools describes the difficulties faced both by Toman during this year as well as the difficulties faced by the evaluation of the superintendent.

“This year’s evaluation is more challenging than most since our new superintendent has only been on the job for a brief seven months. Mr. Toman too, has faced challenges during his short tenure. He has had to get to know and coordinate with hundreds of Mercer County personnel, while at the same time familiarizing himself with the policies, practices, and procedures already established.”

Mercer County Schools

According to the press release, Superintendent Toman, along with the Board, is focused on improving the academic standing of the students of Mercer County. Due to his limited time on the job, many of his ideas have not reached their full potential yet. In addition, Superintendent Toman has worked to bring a focus on mental health and suicide prevention to our schools.

Although Superintendent Toman has only been with the Board of Education for a short time, the Board is pleased with his efforts so far.

The Mercer County Board of Education is confident that with Mr. Toman’s twenty-one years
of experience as a superintendent, his innovative initiatives, his community out-reach, and his
focused leadership, the future of Mercer County Schools is in good hands.

Mercer County Schools