Never Have I Ever: Helicopter Ride

Mercer County

There are a lot of things I love in life…skateboarding, ska, and maybe most importantly, cars. If it’s got wheels, I’ll drive it. Wings? No problem. Onboard motor? Sign me up. However, I’m about to get the chance to fulfill a childhood dream. Going up in a helicopter – and for one reason only.

Pilot Chandler Swope is really cracking this up to be a great experience. “Flying is fun and a great hobby,” Swope told me.

I guess I’ll have to take it from the pilot that I’m in for a treat!

I was pretty nervous when I first sat down. The start-up procedure took what felt like an eternity and smelled like burning fuel…

But once we were cleared, we were off. Nerves turned to excitement, and I felt like a kid again as we started climbing higher and higher.

I thought I’d be a chatterbox since I felt so official with my headset on, but I could not stop focusing on what was going on outside. Seriously, the view was spectacular

We circled southwest and flew over the city of Welch. It was a unique angle to see how the city sits between the mountains.

We ended up back in Bluefield after about 28 minutes of flight time. I was a sad it was over, but thankful for the experience.

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