One local man has taken Christmas decorating to a new level.

Travis Collis shared a video on Facebook giving a tour of his Winter Wonderland home that quickly reached over 40 million views.

It took Collis a few weeks to decorate his home, with 17 Christmas trees and hundreds of thousands of lights.

Collis said he has had a passion for decorating since he was in the sixth grade, which has inspired him to go above and beyond with his Christmas decorations
“It’s just a time of year where people are happy and jolly and everyone is in a good mood, and festive. There’s just something about Christmas that has always appealed to me and I love it. I live it every day of my life,” said Collis.

Each room in his home has a special theme. Even the bathroom has been taken over by elves. And when November 1st rolls around, Collis’s home begins to look like a Winter Wonderland. He even has a room devoted to Christmas year-round.

With such elaborate decorating, it can be a lengthy process but Collis said he has it down to a perfect system.

“The way I store things, I store them per color. So I’m pulling out all the red boxes, all the green boxes. It’s a disaster, our house is a disaster until it’s ready,” said Collis.

All of this Christmas spirit has caused Collis to start his own business and decorate for others for all occasions. You may be surprised to know Collis taught himself everything about decorating through trial and error.

“Learning to tie bows and things like that. I just sit down and try and find a technique I like and play around. The big tree in here I decorated it three times. I wasn’t happy so I would rip it off and start again,” said Collis.

Collis said he has already ordered new decorations in preparation for 2018.