Recently in West Virginia, there were many home invasions resulting in gun shots being fired. Luckily for homeowners, the state of West Virginia has a law in place that can protect them.

Called the Castle Doctrine, Princeton Police Lieutenant Jeremy Halsey said it is in place specifically for them.

“Say you have an attacker or a home invader,” Halsey said. “It specifies what force really can be used against the incident that is occuring.”

Halsey said the homeowner has the right to protect themselves and their family, according to state code.

“If somebody is breaking into your house you can use whatever reasonable force you have to use to protect yourself and your family,” Halsey said. 

Halsey said when it comes to a home invasion ending with exchanged gunfire, police will still come and investigate the situation. But there are some ways homeowners can deter and prevent such an event from happening.

“Just make sure you have adequate lighting around the house sometimes that helps,” Halsey said. “Video surveillance on your house. That can be a great deter also. I know security companies they give you signs to post in the yard if you do have an alarm system. That can be a big deter as well.”

Halsey also said to always lock the door, even if someone is home. If any suspicious noise is heard outside, call local law enforcement for them to come and inspect the surrounding area.