PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)–One Mercer County School had to delay their start to in-person learning again.

Princeton Primary School in Mercer County won’t be able to see their students in person just yet. Principal Kelli Stanley said she learned about the hold-up last week.

She said it was disappointing to know but she understood completely.

“We have some delay in the remediation of the mold issue and making sure everything is clean and tested and getting those test results back to make sure that entire building is safe for everyone to be there,” Stanley said.

The Kindergarten Wing is clean and teachers were inside the school decorating their rooms to welcome students in person.

Stanley said one of the concerns coming from parents is the virtual learning curve but she has it taken care of.

“We have some things in place. Once we get them in the school we’re going to be able to offer after-school tutoring, have a partnership with Concord University that we’re working on to get additional help from student teachers, and then also an additional position for an interventionalist if we can get that,” Stanley said.

Stanley said Kindergarteners will be first back in the classroom followed by first and second graders in the next couple of weeks. She said she can not wait to welcome the students and teachers back with warm, welcome arms.