Legislators are looking to bring back a form of writing that some consider outdated.

House Bill 2994 would require students in kindergarten through fifth grade to be taught cursive writing.

Stefanie Kopp with Mercer County Board of Education said cursive writing is an important skill for kids to learn. 

“It’s important for children to learn cursive for fine motor skills. It improves brain function. It helps them read old documents that are very important in our history,” Kopp explained.

However, some parents think lawmakers and schools should focus on other areas of study, including Brenda Bell in Mercer County.    

“Umm maybe math, make easier math. Make that easier for them,” Bell said.

Stefanie Kopp with Mercer County Board of Education said the county is a step ahead of the game when it comes to cursive writing. The county brought back teaching cursive writing in elementary schools in 2014.

“Midway through second grade we start implementation of cursive writing. Our expectations of second grade through fifth grade is to be able to write cursive legibly and to read cursive writing,” Kopp said.

The bill is awaiting approval in the House Education Committee.