PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Recently, there was a second annual ‘Scare Away the Breast Cancer Walk,’ which did very well when it came to donations and continuing breast cancer awareness.

The walk was in support of the Princeton Community Hospital Cancer Care Fund. The walk, which happened from 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. on October 29, 2023 on the Princeton Senior High School track had about 80 participants that came out with the Christy Wood Team to support breast cancer awareness.

“We raised over 11,000 dollars, 11,500 to be exact,” said Christy Wood, Owner and Realtor for Solutions Real Estate.

“And I just said, you know what? We’re going to do something in October for the breast cancer walk. And we did it. We raised 5,000 last year. And when we presented the check, I said we’re going to double it next year, and we did, and I said that again this year we’re going to double it again for next year,” continued Wood.

This walk also benefited the community in so many special ways. Through these wonderful donations wigs, blankets, and anything that a patient would possibly need during their chemotherapy or radiation treatments would be donated.

All funds raised were specifically for people who are going through breast cancer.

“It only comes from donations to help patients going through these trials to buy donations. So either they have to pay for their items themselves, but this has been set up through Christian Community Hospital, WVU Medicine to offer a cancer care fund [that] people can donate to. So my sister about 18 years ago was diagnosed for the first time. Well, last year she was diagnosed again and I wanted to do something to try to give back to her and others, you know, going through this horrific experience, life threatening experiences,” added Wood.

Wood also added, “But we could not make it possible without having people’s understanding and knowing that what it’s going towards and it’s 100 percent, 100 percent of the donations goes straight to the Cancer Care Fund. It’s the Princeton Community Hospital, WVU Medicine.”

Christy also shared her own personal account of breast cancer and how breast cancer awareness is a significant factor, especially those at risk, or if it runs in their families.

“We talked about early detection [at the walk]. That is the biggest key. I was diagnosed myself in July of this year. So it really hit home for me this year. And the key to my breast cancer was early early detection through screening, so you know, I wanted to talk with everyone and get that word out too. Had I not had my mammogram this year, there’s nothing saying that I wouldn’t have been in full blown breast cancer mode by next year. But I did surgery and we removed the spot that was there, that was malignant and I’m good for six months, but the key is early detection. That’s what we were trying to make everyone aware [of],” concluded Wood.

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