Black Mold Found in Monroe County 911 Emergency Building

Monroe County

MONROE COUNTY, W. Va. (WVNS) — The 911 center in Monroe County was evacuated as workers tried to rid the area of various types of mold.
The mold, which includes dangerous black mold, was found after a test on the air in the building. Mold was also found in the same part of the courthouse that houses the prosecutors office and the Sheriff’s department. 

Leaders are looking into water leak problems that most likely led to the mold.

Shane Ashley, President of County Commission in Monroe County, said the water leakage has been an ongoing problem.

“The waters been an issue for a little while and that’s how we found the other issue, we started working on the water issue and we came up with we better check this out,” Ashley explained. 

Certified mold specialists were brought in to remove the mold because it can be dangerous to those in the building.

Roland Jones, a certified mold specialist, said mold is toxic when encountered.

“It is toxic to the human body, whether its inhaled, ingested or even gets on the skin, so once we find Stachybotrys I recommend something needs to be done immediately and these people chose to do that,” Jones said.

Several types of mold were found weeks ago including aspergillus, penicillium and stachybotry, which is commonly referred to as black mold. It will take almost two weeks and around $18,000 to get rid of the mold and fix the water leakage issues.   

“We’ll need to do some work on the outside of the building, dig down to the bottom of the foundations and try to seal it, its got a great big stone rock as the foundation so we’ve got to figure out a way to get those sealed,” Ashley said.

While the building is being cleaned, the Monroe County 911 Center is temporarily working out of a Greenbrier County 911 Emergency Mobile unit set up in front of the Monroe County building. 

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