MOUNT HOPE, WV (WVNS) – The huge lumbering pieces of steel waiting in The Bradley Yard are more than just pieces of a pipeline — they could be an opportunity gateway for West Virginia.

Gas lives right underneath the feet of West Virginia residents. Hundreds of jobs, revenue and passageways could depend on a few pieces of pipe. 

The Fiscal Responsibility Act passed on June 1, 2023. With the passing of the bill, comes a lift of the debt ceiling. 

Now, with all chains loose, the Mountain Valley Pipeline can begin final construction. The final pieces of the Pipeline are laying in Raleigh County. 

The Mountain Valley Pipeline created over two thousand construction jobs. Union halls require fifty percent of the jobs regarding the pipeline at The Bradley Yard to go to West Virginian residents. 

Approximately $200 million dollars will be provided in royalties to West Virginia landowners and $40 million annually in new tax revenue for West Virginia.

The pipeline has been sitting in the Bradley Yard for over seven years now.

Senator Joe Manchin spoke about the progress being made on the pipeline.

“It is the only project in the United States of America that can put that much product into the ground. 200 Million cubic feet within a 6 month period of time. 94 percent of it is complete,” said Senator Joe Manchin.

The pipeline will undergo a five to six month construction period until its completion. $1.2 billion dollars was invested to finish the product.

Manchin stressed the importance of the natural gases available right in West Virginia ground.

“We have the energy in our country that we need. Gas is a great product that we have in West Virginia that we can share with the rest of the county,” Manchin explained.