CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Officials with The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced they installed new screening technology at West Virginia International Yaeger Airport.

Two new computed tomography checkpoint scanners that enhance screening capabilities for carry-on items were installed at Yeager Airport. The new CT scanners screen carry-on items by using a complicated method to generate a 3-D image of contents inside a bag. The new technology provides a clear 3-D image TSA officers can use to automatically detect explosives or other dangerous items such as firearms.

The CT scanners also help travelers experience because the usage of the new machines allows flyers to leave laptops and other electronics in their carry-on bag. The usage of the new scanners also means flyers do not have to remove travel sized liquids.

The new scanners are more efficient for all involved as the previous machines only rendered a 2-D image forcing TSA officers to inspect and remove various items. Since the new scanners do not require passengers to remove liquids and electronics, the process has seemingly improved in time.

“Our officers’ use of CT technology substantially improves our threat detection capability at the checkpoint. Previously, our screening technology for carry-on bags used 2-D images. The CT technology applies advanced algorithms for the detection of explosives, including liquid explosives and other threat items.”

John C. Allen, TSA’s Federal Security Director for West Virginia.

For more information on the TSA screening process including items you can or cannot take on flights, visit their website. For more information on flights available from Yeager Airport, visit their website.