MONONGAHELA NATIONAL FOREST, W.V. (WVNS) – Monongahela National Forest plans to conduct prescribed burns on 2,964 acres in Greenbrier and Pendleton counties from March through June

Prescribed burns are always performed under specific weather conditions and are designed to accomplish researched forest management goals. Monongahela National Forest follows strict guidelines for conducting burns, and takes into consideration environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, smoke dispersion and wind. If any environmental conditions are not within the guidelines, the burn will be postponed.

Monongahela National Forest plans to conduct these prescribed burns on the 2,964 acres as long as the weather is permitting. The purposes of these burns are to re-establish fire’s natural role in the forest ecosystem, improve forest health and wildlife habitat, and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.

Project areas planned for prescribed burns this spring include:

  • Big Mountain Unit 1 – 557 acres west of Cherry Grove in Pendleton County
  • Meadow Creek – 221 acres northeast of Neola in Greenbrier County
  • One Mile/Lick Mountain – 1,067 acres west and northwest of Neola in Greenbrier County
  • Peach Orchard – 1,119 acres west of Blue Bend Campground in Greenbrier County

Each burn area will be closed to the public on the day of the burn, and may be closed for several days after, to ensure public safety. Signs will be posted on roads near all prescribed burn areas before and during burning. Residents and Forest visitors may see and smell smoke for several days. If you encounter smoke on the highway, slow down, turn on your vehicle’s lights and drive appropriately for the conditions.

Local radio stations will be alerted to burn activities ahead of time. When burning begins, information, photos, and maps will be available at