Allergy symptoms can cause confusion for victims of late-season flu

Raleigh County

While this flu season has not been as severe as previous years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted the flu could continue to circulate for a few more weeks.

Local MedExpress nurse practitioners, like Jeannette Humphrey, continue to see cases of the flu even into the month of April, which can be unexpected to the average person. 

“The H3N2 strain of flu, we have seen a few cases of that in the last several weeks” Humphrey said. “But now that we have our pollen and we’re in the anti-allergy season, it can mimic the same kind of symptoms.”

Similarities between flu and allergy symptoms make it difficult to determine whether you actually have the flu or not. 

Humphrey said typically there is one flu symptom that can help it stand out.

“Mainly allergies symptoms are the stuffy nose, itchy eyes, cough, some sinus drainage, and typically there’s not the body ache” she said.

If you are experiencing flu symptoms like the body aches, you are advised to visit a doctor within a couple of days in order receive the correct treatment.

“We can kind of help determine after we do their examination whether it is the common cold, allergies, or flu.” Humphrey said.

Health officials advise to wash your hands after touching any objects in order to slow down any bacteria or virus, whether it is the flu or another illness. Keeping windows shut during the spring can offer some relief from pollen induced allergies.

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