The 2nd annual Dog Bowl aired on Animal Planet allowing more than 60 adult dogs from 15 states to participate. One of those special dogs is from right here in West Virginia. Annelise is Beagle mix with 3 legs whose home was Operation Underdog until she was recently adopted. 

Becky Walker, a volunteer with Operation Underdog, had the pleasure of taking Annelise to the Dog Bowl in Manhattan.

“When we got to the dog bowl she was curious about the other dogs,” Walker said. “And people were just drawn to her. She is a charismatic dog and so owners were leaving their dogs and kind of coming and loving on her. So it was a great experience. She was an amazing participant.”

Elizabeth Raney, Annelise’s former foster mom, said it was great getting to showcase all of the older dogs and special need dogs.  

“I think its important to notice dogs like that because she is an exceptionally sweet animal and deserved a home and didn’t deserve to be euthanized because of a problem that could be fixed with just a little bit of extra effort, Raney said. 

Raney and Walker said if you are interested in adopting a dog reach out to Operation Underdog.