BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – Putting your life on the line for the community is no easy task. Especially when that cost could be fatal.

Getting qualified officers on the force is difficult – and appears to be growing tougher in recent years.

There are a low number of individuals applying to agency vacancies and those who apply are often not good quality applicants.

The Beckley Police Department is hoping to grow numbers with recruitment in June.

Coupled with physical training – there is a written element to making the force.

“The physical training test will be on June twenty second. If recruits pass the physical portion there will be a written test following,” said Sergeant David Bailey.

Sergeant Bailey said the halls of police stations have been growing slim since he was a fresh face at the station. With raising pay and benefits, he hopes more people will want to answer the call.

But it’s not just all about the pay and benefits.   There is a mental and emotional toll officers face while on the job.

That leads to high stress levels and burnout for many.

Sergeant Bailey says he knows the commitment is tough, but being able to serve your community is a fulfilling experience.

“It is hard, but for those who want to serve the community, the doors are open for you,” said Sergeant Bailey.